Friday, July 19, 2024


A combination of Scrabble and Ultimate Fighting!

Word Frenzy is a combination of Scrabble and Ultimate Fighting. And I have the scars to prove it!

A GREAT family game!

Word Frenzy is a GREAT family game that has bridged the generational gap in our family game nights.

I love Table Top Baseball!

After unrolling the giant, very cool game mat, we were playing in literally a couple of minutes. But we learned very quickly that just because it was easy to get started it took a lot of skill and practice to get good at. When they say it's like baseball on your table top, it's true.

It can be a contact sport!

Word Frenzy is unlike any other word game. The energy level is off the scale. It can be a contact sport!

It's a 10+ on the fun meter!

We love Word Frenzy. It’s a 10+ on the fun meter!

My kids laugh constantly!

My kids love it and laugh constantly while trying to out spell their mom and dad! Funny usually the kids win. It is a great family game for all ages!

No other educational game comes close!

No other educational game comes close. My kids love it!

Our International Students love it!

Word FRENZY is a fast-paced, exciting game for everyone. We play it with the international students we host to help them with their vocabulary and spelling, but mostly we all just have tons of fun!

Table Top Football is a blast!

I was amazed at the skill required and how challenging the play calling was. It really is like the real thing. I played in teams with 3 buddies and it was both intense and "high-five" exciting. On one play I ran the ball back for 50 yards! The game mat his huge and very cool. Like a giant, high quality mouse pad. It really is a blast and worth every penny.

The kids loved it!

My family played Word FRENZY over the weekend and we had a blast. The kids loved it. My 8 and 10 year olds had a great time spelling words and grabbing prizes. Thank you for developing a game that is fun for the whole family. We are looking forward to next weekend.

The Table Took A Beating!

I played Word FRENZY with my family this weekend and we loved it! Don’t play this around anything fragile, haha! The table took a beating from some of the intense grabs!

TRIAD is simply brilliant!

Bought this game on a lark, knowing nothing about it. The game is simply brilliant. Many things to think about each turn. Buy it, try it, this game is awesome.

We were having a great time in a few minutes!

Sometimes learning a new game can take the fun out of it. But we were having a great time with Word Frenzy in just a few minutes.

Word FRENZY tested my reflexes!

Word FRENZY tested my reflexes which I thought was cool. The game was fun as it was like an enhanced version of the game spoons. By just playing the game, I learned many new words.

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