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TRIAD™ Overview

TRIAD™ is a game of pure skill with limitless strategic depth and brilliantly simple game play. TRIAD takes only minutes to learn and less then a half hour to complete. TRIAD is a perfect game for anyone who loves Chess, Checkers, Pente, Go or any other pure skill strategy game. 

There are many reasons why you will love TRIAD.

  • It's fast moving. Games typically take about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Game play is simple. A child can learn to play in minutes and will be challenged for a lifetime. 
  • It's unique. Three different but connected strategies are played simultaneously. The first player to achieve any one will win the game. 
  • It surprises. Unlike other games of pure skill that tend towards the slow, inevitable demise of one or the other player, TRIAD is full of game changing surprises and unexpected conclusions.
  • Unheard of variety. TRIAD offers a variety of games within games. You may play a multi-game tournament, single multi-strategy games, or individual strategy games. 

Game Board

The TRIAD game board is made up of triangular spaces called “Treys”, small circular spaces called “Posts”, 3 spaces on each side of the board called “Portals” and 3 opposing “Docks.” The lines separating the Treys and intersecting the Post are called “Borders.” A “Game Tally” and “Gem Tally” are used for scoring.

Game Pieces

Gems: Gems are placed on Posts, a new one at the start of each turn.

Jewels: Players have 3 Jewels that start on their home Docks. All 3 Jewels must be moved each turn on to adjacent Treys.

triad game board description

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The object of TRIAD™ is to be the first to achieve any one of three unique outcomes: Breech, Trap, or Capture.

  1. Breach: To move a Jewel across the board from your Dock onto your opponent’s Dock.
  2. Trap: Use your Gems and Jewels to create Barriers that surround your opponent’s Jewel so that it may not be moved. Jewels may not cross a Border that is bracketed by two of your opponents Gems. Jewels may not move onto a Trey that is occupied by another Jewel.
  3. Capture: Capture a total of 10 Gems by bracketing them, in a straight, consecutive line, between two of your Gems. When captured the Gem is removed from the board, placed in the capturing players Gem Tally, and replaced with a Gem of the capturing players.

Game Play

Each player selects a color and places their Jewels on their home Docks. By some random method a player is chosen to begin play. Players then alternate taking turns.

Each turn includes in the following order:

  1. Place one Gem on any vacant Post. Once placed a Gem may not be moved unless removed by Capture.
  2. Remove and replace any captured Gems. 
  3. Move all three Jewels onto any empty, adjacent Trey. Jewels may never move onto or across a Post.

As the game proceeds, more and more Gems will occupy Posts causing barriers to slow Jewel movement and increase the chance of trapping Jewels and capturing Gems. Even though the game board is empty of Gems at the start of a game, every Gem placement is important to your success or failure. Plan your strategies early for your best chance to win.

If you would like to learn more about Gem placement, go here.

You may download the official TRIAD rules here.

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