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Table Top Entertainment LLC Table Top Football™ Table Top Football™ has it all! Pretty much everything that happens in football happens here. It tak.. Product #: TTFB0913120 Regular price: $59.99 $59.99

Real football fun on your table top!

Brand: Table Top Entertainment LLC
Weight: 3.50lb
Dimensions: 24.00in x 4.00in x 4.00in

Price: $59.99  $50.00

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If you love football, Table Top Football is the closest you will get to the real thing on your table top.

  • Kickoffs, field goals and punts
  • Call run and pass plays
  • Intercept passes and recover fumbles
  • Run back kick offs and punts

It requires puck sliding skill! A ball puck is used to mark downs but also to kick off, kick field goals and punts by skillful sliding on the field of play. 

It requires strategic play calling. Offense and defense will select plays from the play chart. Call the right play and, if you are on offense, complete the long bomb break a run up the middle. If on defense you may sack the quarterback or intercept a pass.

It requires coin flipping luck. Play results are determined by the flip of coins. Even if you called a bad play, with a good coin flip you still may be able to celebrate.

2 Players or Teams. Ages 8 and up.

Table Top Football comes with everything you need to play. 

  • Huge 20” x 30” full color, rubber-backed, water-resistant Premium Game Mat
  • Professional Ball Puck
  • 30 Second Play Clock Timer
  • Play Call/Flipping Coins
  • Score Markers
  • 2 Coin Flipping Cups
  • 2 Play Charts
  • Line To Gain Marker & Stand
  • Rule Book

"I was amazed at the skill required and how challenging the play calling was. It really is like the real thing. I played in teams with 3 buddies and it was both intense and "high-five" exciting. On one play I ran the ball back for 50 yards! The game mat his huge and very cool. Like a giant, high quality mouse pad. It really is a blast and worth every penny."

Ryan, Pheonix, AZ

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