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Word Frenzy is unlike any other word game. The energy level is off the scale. It can be a contact sport!

Jess, Camano Island, WA


6 Reasons Why You Will Love Word FRENZY®

Still not sure if Word FRENZY is right for you? Here are 6 reasons why Word FRENZY is your best entertainment value.


It's your best bang for your buck! For $20s you will have hours and hours of fun with your family and friends.


Young and old can play together. Rarely is there a game where young and old can play together, still have a great time with everyone having a chance to win.


It's education that's fun! What a concept. Learn spelling and, more importantly, the creative and abstract element of word association — how words are connected and relate to different subjects.


Explosive energy like a sporting event! If your looking for a quiet game around the table, Word FRENZY isn't it. It's non-stop action that ends in an insane, leap-out-of-your-chair explosion for the FRENZY Prizes.


Small packaging for easy storage and travel! Many games today are packaged in large boxes filled with empty space. It's deceptive and wasteful. FRENZY was designed to be portable and manufactured with only required materials.


Fun for large and small groups. Word FRENZY can be played with as few as two players or much larger groups of 32 players of more with multiple games. You may download Word FRENZY tournament rules in our downloads section.

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Word Frenzy is a GREAT family game that has bridged the generational gap in our family game nights.

Camille, Everett, WA

Sometimes learning a new game can take the fun out of it. But we were having a great time with Word ...

Mike, Marysville, WA

Bought this game on a lark, knowing nothing about it. The game is simply brilliant. Many things to ...

Richard, New York, NY

My family played Word FRENZY over the weekend and we had a blast. The kids loved it. My 8 and 10 ...

Keith, Stafford, TX

No other educational game comes close. My kids love it!

Lisa, Honolulu, HI

Word Frenzy is a combination of Scrabble and Ultimate Fighting. And I have the scars to prove it!

Dave, Bellevue, WA

After unrolling the giant, very cool game mat, we were playing in literally a couple of minutes. ...

Mitch, Woodinville, WA

We love Word Frenzy. It’s a 10+ on the fun meter!

Jan, Seattle, WA

Word FRENZY tested my reflexes which I thought was cool. The game was fun as it was like an ...

Madi, Punahou School, Grade 7, Honolulu HI

My kids love it and laugh constantly while trying to out spell their mom and dad! Funny usually the ...

Liz, Lago Vista, TX