Sunday, December 03, 2023

Coin Games™

Coin Games™

Games you play with your spare change!™

Coin Games are game cards played with common coins for markers and playing pieces. Coin Games truly are amazing. For a few dollars they will provide hours and hours of entertainment for any age, anytime and any place. Now that's value!

With 2 Game Packs to choose from with 4 games in each, there is a game for every age-group, gender and interest. Each game pack will have something for everyone and variety that will keep you playing over and over. Take them camping, to the beach, keep them in your car for fun anytime, anywhere. They are plasticized so they are water repellant and durable.

Coin Games are real games designed by award winning game designers. But rather then make you pay for expensive playing pieces and packaging, just reach in your pocket or purse for some spare change to play. Finally, something a penny is good for!

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Coin Games™ Game Pack #1

For fun games you can play anywhere, with anyone. Includes Baseball, Golf, Vacation USA and Troll Hole.

$6.99  $5.00

Coin Games™ Game Pack #2

Four fun games you can play anywhere, with anyone. Includes Football, Basketball, Word Hunt and Coin Car Racing.

$6.99  $5.00

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Word FRENZY tested my reflexes which I thought was cool. The game was fun as it was like an ...

Madi, Punahou School, Grade 7, Honolulu HI

Bought this game on a lark, knowing nothing about it. The game is simply brilliant. Many things to ...

Richard, New York, NY

I was amazed at the skill required and how challenging the play calling was. It really is like the ...

Ryan, Pheonix, AZ

After unrolling the giant, very cool game mat, we were playing in literally a couple of minutes. ...

Mitch, Woodinville, WA

No other educational game comes close. My kids love it!

Lisa, Honolulu, HI

Word FRENZY is a fast-paced, exciting game for everyone. We play it with the international students ...

Ruth, Mukilteo, WA

We love Word Frenzy. It’s a 10+ on the fun meter!

Jan, Seattle, WA

Word Frenzy is unlike any other word game. The energy level is off the scale. It can be a contact ...

Jess, Camano Island, WA

Word Frenzy is a GREAT family game that has bridged the generational gap in our family game nights.

Camille, Everett, WA

I played Word FRENZY with my family this weekend and we loved it! Don’t play this around anything ...

Ryan, Manassas, VA