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Tame Tiger LLC Coin Games™ Game Pack #2 Four fun games you can play anywhere, with anyone. Includes Football, Basketball, Word Hunt and Coi.. Product #: CG02 Regular price: $6.99 $6.99

Coin Games™ Game Pack #2

Brand: Tame Tiger LLC
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Coin Games Game Pack #2 includes Coin Football, Coin Basketball, Coin Car Racing and Word Hunt. All for only $5.00.

Coin Football has the skill and excitment of the real thing. Call plays, score touchdowns, kick fieldgoals, throw passes, sack the quarterback. If you like football you won't believe how much fun can come in such a small package.

Coin Basketball requires deft coin flicking skill. You need good defense to stop a shot. But don't foul. Drive down the lane or take a 3-pointer. It's fast furious fun.

Challenge your vocabulary, spelling and memory with Word Hunt. Challenging but full of surprises!

Coin Car Racing is more then just coin flicking luck. Block lanes to avoid being passed. Should you take the slower inside lain or gain ground on the high-speed outside lane? It's great fun for 2 or more players.

For more details, see the "What's Included" tab. Be sure to look at Game Pack #2 for more exciting Coin Games.

Coin Games™ Game Pack #1 includes these 4 great games.

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coin footballCOIN FOOTBALL™ - For 2 players or teams, ages 8 and up.
COIN FOOTBALL has the thrills and excitement of the real thing! Run, pass, score touch downs and kick field goals. Offense and defense call plays. A flip of coins will determine outcomes. Play calling strategy, coin flicking skill and coin flipping luck all play a part in winning or losing.


coin golfCOIN BASKETBALL - For 2 players, ages 7 and up.
Coin Basketball is a fast moving game of coin flicking skill. The defense slides their coin to try to block the offense from getting a clear shot. But be careful not to foul! The offense slides to get a clear shot to the hoop. The shot clock is counting down! Three pointers, foul shots and blocked shots all play a part. It's fast, exciting basketball fun anywhere, anytime!


Word HuntWORD HUNT - For 2 - 4 players, ages 8 and up.
WORD HUNT will challenge your vocabulary, spelling and memory. Cover letters by placing coins over them. Can you remember the letters that spell your word? If you think you can, take a chance. If you're right, earn your points. But if you're wrong, you will be moving backwards. It’s a fast, fun and full of surprises.


coin car racingCOIN CAR RACING - For 2 or more players, ages 6 and up.
COIN CAR RACING is a game of speed and strategy. Control the inside lane and Block cars from passing. Use the draft to sling-shot pass. Earn a chance to flip again but be careful not to spin out. Cross the finish line first to win the race!

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Word Frenzy is a combination of Scrabble and Ultimate Fighting. And I have the scars to prove it!

Dave, Bellevue, WA

Word FRENZY tested my reflexes which I thought was cool. The game was fun as it was like an ...

Madi, Punahou School, Grade 7, Honolulu HI

Word Frenzy is unlike any other word game. The energy level is off the scale. It can be a contact ...

Jess, Camano Island, WA

My family played Word FRENZY over the weekend and we had a blast. The kids loved it. My 8 and 10 ...

Keith, Stafford, TX

Word FRENZY is a fast-paced, exciting game for everyone. We play it with the international students ...

Ruth, Mukilteo, WA

Word Frenzy is a GREAT family game that has bridged the generational gap in our family game nights.

Camille, Everett, WA

We love Word Frenzy. It’s a 10+ on the fun meter!

Jan, Seattle, WA

I played Word FRENZY with my family this weekend and we loved it! Don’t play this around anything ...

Ryan, Manassas, VA

I was amazed at the skill required and how challenging the play calling was. It really is like the ...

Ryan, Pheonix, AZ

No other educational game comes close. My kids love it!

Lisa, Honolulu, HI