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Real baseball fun on your table top!

Brand: Table Top Entertainment LLC
Weight: 3.50lb
Dimensions: 24.00in x 4.00in x 4.00in

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Table Top Baseball™ is a game of pure skill. Like the real thing, it's simple to play but takes real skill to play well. Table Top Baseball is played by sliding a Ball Puck at targets on the playing field. The pitcher slides the Ball Puck from the pitching stripe trying to land it on strike targets on home plate. The batter slides the Ball Puck from home plate trying to land it on targets on the playing field.

Of course the simplicity is the challenge.

For the pitcher:

  • Miss the plate and it's a ball.
  • Pucks landing on the plate are hitable.
  • Throw a wild pitch and runners may score.
  • Can you strike them out?

For the batter:

  • Hit singles, doubles, triples, home runs and foul balls.
  • Bunt, sacrifice fly and walk to move runners around.
  • Beware of the double play.
  • Do you have the skill to score?

Table Top Baseball has every thing you need to play.

  • Huge 20” x 30” full color, rubber-backed, water-resistant Premium Game Mat
  • Professional Ball Puck
  • Score, Runner & Inning Markers
  • Game Piece Bag
  • Official Rule Book

"I love Table Top Baseball! After unrolling the giant, very cool game mat, we were playing in literally a couple of minutes. But we learned very quickly that just because it was easy to get started it took a lot of skill and practice to get good at. When they say it's like baseball on your table top, it's true."

Mitch, Woodinville, WA

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